Why did Adani Group crash on Monday? Adani Group Crash Report (Part 1)


Adani ports and other Adani companies were among the top looser on Monday 14th of may 2021

What are the reasons behind the Adani group crash? What happened in the Adani group and companies? Is there any manipulation or it’s just an operator game? or it’s a SCAM 2021?

These are the most bobbling questions in everyone’s mind. Let’s understand the full story behind this.

At the end of last quarter, Adani group raised around 200 to 2000 percent, making it the top performer. But at last of it 5 out 6 Adani companies seen to be hitting lower circuit and left one shown almost 5% crash making it for the center of attraction for talks of the day. And the best part is The Adani group shares had been gained continuously for the last few weeks. This sudden crash attracted all the retail investors.

The reasons behind the Adani Group Crash on 14th June, Monday

There are few reasons which explain the Adani Group Crash on 14th June 2021 (Monday). Lets’ check each of them:

Sucheta Dalal’s Tweet

Last Saturday late evening, Sucheta Dalal, the main player of SCAM 1992, tweeted indicating some unusual activities are detected in a single group of companies (Adani group). The tweet was:

Another scandal hard to prove outside the black box of information available with SEBI tracking systems is the return of an operator of the past who is relentlessly rigging prices of one group. All through foreign entities! His specialty & that of a former FM. Nothing changes!

Source: Twitter

One of the most horrifying kinds of the tweet for retail investors mainly, again a bunch of questions in everyone’s mind: What does FM mean in the tweet? Does she really mean it? Is she talking about the former Financial minister? Or FM means something else here? Let’s see!

Stocks of Adani group crashed on reports of FPI accounts owning Adani shares being frozen

Again a piece of horrifying news came from official handles. Generally, only the small retail investors (individuals) get in trouble, very saddening, unfortunate retail investors, things don’t come to end here, and there were a lot more heading towards on Sunday ( Disappointing Holiday ) let’s see the case in brief below.

A piece of news comes on Sunday about the freezing of Three FPI accounts owning Adani shares ( more than 75% in their portfolio) by NSDL because they found some big irregularities and rule violations ( Will Talk about the irregularities in the NEXT article).

Fear of loosing

Actually, they ( retail investors) already lost, very unfortunate for those innocent individual investors.
After the news getting viral people started to panic and this is how people generally react against such unfortunate situations thus the reaction was genuine to avoid more and more loss, so a panic environment occurred among individual public investors which led to heavy sell-off in the Adani group shares on Monday pushing it to hit the lower circuit in 5 out of 6 Adani group shares.

Now again a lot of questions: How to avoid such stock? What to do in such situations?
What happened to those individual investors’ money? but most importantly, Will freezing of accounts will really help the retail investors to avoid heavy loss?


In this article, we have discussed the main reasons behind the Adani Group Crash. If you find this article useful please let us know by commenting down and share it with your friends.

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